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I was first introduced to Gimli and the Interlake almost 12 years ago after my wife, 3 kids and I moved to Winnipeg from Australia. Growing up on the coastline of Australia and moving to the centre Canada was a huge change for my family. However it didn’t take us long to discover what it is that makes people who move away from Manitoba want to come back again.

Aside from the incredible landscape, geography, nature and culture, it’s the people who make this Province special.

Even though we reside in Winnipeg during the long cold winter months, I feel most at home when I’m in my “home away from home” at Morden’s Meadows during the warmer months. Living on the lake for those 4 months of the year, enjoying the cool breeze, warm days and company of incredible people, makes me feel less home sick.


When people ask me what we do during the summer, I always reply with a grin as wide as a child who’s been given candy by their grandparents after mom and dad said no. “We go to the lake of course”. I can’t explain how lucky I feel to be able to call a place like Gimli home (even if it is only for part of the year).

The purpose of this website is to bring awareness to all of the incredible businesses, events and stories that make Gimli so special. As we build the website out, we’ll be adding more categories and interactive elements.

In this first iteration the website will include:

  • Business Directory
  • Events Calendar
  • Latests News & Views Section (Blog)
  • Online Marketplace
  • Business Reviews

Business Directory

The website is 100% free for businesses to list their information which includes their name, contact details, address, website, image gallery, business description and more. There is a nominal fee for those businesses who want premium positioning on the home and business search pages. The business directory is “self serve”, you just create an account and upload your info! It takes less than 60 seconds!

Events Calendar

The events calendar is 100% FREE for everyone! Just fill in the form with all your details and we’ll get it uploaded within 24hrs.

Latest News & Views Section

We invite you to share you news, views and thoughts with the community. Whether it’s a good news story talking about great service you recieved at one of our incredible local businesses, an article discussing your favourite place to eat or just your thoughts on why you love Gimli, we want to hear from you! Simply visit the news section and click on the “SUBMIT A STORY” button!

Online Market Place

List your products and services for sale! With a focus on showcasing what Gimli has to offer we invite you to list your: arts & crafts, homewares, foods, jewellery, gifts and more! If you want to sell your products online, we’ll even build you a FREE e-commerce web page and take care of the transactions for you! (small processing & hosting fee involved) You can see a sample here!

Business Reviews

There’s no secret to the fact that online reviews are marketing gold! They are often the first thing a consumer looks at when deciding whether or not they’re going to buy from you! Ask people to share their experiences with you on your Gimli Online profile and generate more business from the web!

Aaron Newnham – Web Designer


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