Please be advised that there is a Fire BAN in the RM of Gimli effective immediately and will remain in effect until further notice.   People are reminded that the ban includes camp/open fires, garbage burning, fireworks, yard waste and agricultural burning. The RM of Gimli also notes that “if a fire is lit during this period and becomes out of control, the person who lit the fire will be held responsible for the cost of resulting damages and will be fined”.

Please be vigilant and check the RM website for updates.


  • Bob

    Monday May 10/2021 6:00 p.m. while traveling westbound on Hwy 231, I noticed a lot of smoke blowing from the north side towards the south side, actually impeding visibility for vehicular traffic. There were several (6 or more) bales? burning in a farm field northwest corner of Hwy 231 and Road 16E.

    Sadly, there were also a few nesting cranes obviously being displaced by this smokey fire.

    To add further insult, a man on the north side of Hwy 231, further westbound and closer to the cemetery at Road 15E was burning garbage in a barrel. He may have thought he wouldn’t get noticed in the smoke from the farmer’s field?

    We don’t want another Sandilands disaster people. Smarten up!

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